Friday, 19 August 2011

Connecting to Networked Drives from OSX Lion

CiCS has developed a script to help Mac users with OSX Lion connect to the networked drives at the University. The script can be downloaded and run from here:

Novell Fix for OSX Lion

The networked drives holding general purpose filestore at the University are built on Novell technology. Some Mac users get by without ever needing to access these drives but others like to use the networked drives - there's no right and wrong.

However, since OSX Lion was released we've had reports of Mac users running Lion experiencing problems accessing the networked drives. Our technical staff have researched this and developed a script which solves this problem. The script is downloaded and run once, then the OSX Lion Mac can access networked drives as required with no further intervention required. We've tested it on a number of Lion Macs and it seems to work consistently with no problems.

OSX Lion users who need to access networked drives are encouraged to try out this script and let us know if there are any further problems.