Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Four Levels of Navigation in New CMS

In September we're making a change to the local navigation (left-hand menu) on the website within the new web content management system (CMS). Currently the local navigation shows up to three levels of hierarchy as you browse round the site and the menus expand out. We're making a change to the menu to allow four levels of hierarchy in the menu.

The design of the menu will remain largely unchanged, but will have the additional fourth level when visitors browse that deep into a site.

Additional info for CMS Editors:

To give you an idea of what your pages will look like when we make the change, we've updated the CMS preview buttons so when you next log into CMS and preview your site you'll see the new menu in place. If your site doesn't have 4 levels (folders within folders) then you won't see any difference, and you'll only see a difference at the deeper levels of the site.

As the local navigation didn't expand to four levels previously you may find that content shows up that previously didn't, or it may have a title which is a bit long for the local navigation as it previously never showed.

If you spot any pages which are affected by the change you can update your site in CMS to either:
- Show or Hide the pages / folders from the local navigation *1 (see below for how to)
- Update the link text so it's more appropriate *2 (see below for how to)
- Leave it as it is if it looks OK

When we have a date for making the change on the live website we'll put a message on the CMS Start Page - for now this change just affects the preview of the site on the CMS editor and not the public website.

*1 Edit the page and un-check 'Show in local navigation' then republish or on a folder the option is under 'Right hand content & folder settings'

*2 Edit the page and change the 'Page name' or for a folder the 'Folder name' and then republish