Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Pilot for Managed Desktop Based on Windows 7

A Managed Service based on Windows 7 will be piloted during the academc year 2011-2012. A small number of PCs running this version will appear in the IC during the year. They will run alongside the mainstream Managed Service based on Windows XP. The full Managed Service based on Windows 7 is expected to be rolled out to everyone for adademic year 2012-2013.

Also planned is a new Windows 7 Managed Service specifically designed to enable teaching via laptops and a new service to enable the remote delivery of applications.

Now for some technical information about changes to the structure of user profiles.

To enable the coexistence of the two managed services there will be some changes to profile structures detailed below. These changes will happen in all user accounts irrespective of whether they use the Managed Service.

Managed XP users should notice no change in operation of their environment but should not attempt to move, rename or delete and of the profile folders outlined below. 

For existing users:
* The directories ManWin & ManW7 will be created in all user's home directories (U:). 
* If U:\MANXP\Favorites or U:\MANXP\My Documents exist they will be moved to be under U:\ManWin. 
* A file named cicsreadme.txt outlining these changes will be placed in their homedirectory.

New users will have the directories created as part of account creation (but will not have the cicsreadme.txt).

The contents of of cicsreadme.txt are included below and contain more details about the new profile structure.

Bob Booth

This readme contains information about system files/directories that CiCS creates
for its managed services.

To enable coexistence with the Managed XP service and a Managed Windows 7 service
which will be piloted during the academc year 2011-2012 some directories have been 
created and some minor changes have been made to storage locations.

Please leave these directories/files alone - do not attempt to move, rename or delete them.

ManXP   - Created when Managed XP service is run. If you have never run Managed XP you
          will not have this directory. Contains the folder "Desktop" and folders used by 
	  XP applications.
Manw7 	- Precreated. Contains "Desktop" and folders used by Windows 7 applications.
ManWin 	- Precreated. Contains directories that can be shared by both the XP & Windows 7
          environments. The folders "Favorites" & "My Documents" are stored here 
          (previously they were stored under ManXP).

profloc.txt - Location of Roaming Profiles

CiCS Aug/Sep 2011