Friday, 12 August 2011

Services for Students Booklet

The new IT Services for Students booklet, which we give to each new student when they arrive at University has been produced and can be viewed by clicking on the image below. For the first time we have designed the booklet to meet the needs of new students arriving at University and prospective students having a look round at open days.

We had some spares of last year's booklet left over so, after checking through the content, we thought we might as well put them on the open day table rather than just recycle them. The prospective students loved the funky design and snatched them up! As a result we ran out of these booklets much sooner than the purpose written open day leaflets we had prepared. All credit to Print and Design Solutions for their innovative, eye catching design.

It was such a success that we decided to write this year's booklet with both audiences in mind, this was easier than you might think and very cost-effective in terms of print costs.

New and prospective students have the same questions. How do I get Internet? Can I connect my own computer or phone? Can I get my stuff from home? What if my computer breaks?

Have a read through the booklet and see how we've attempted to answer these questions from both a new and prospective student perspective at the same time and let us know what you think.