Monday, 12 September 2011

All Students Have Access to MOLE 2

The University now has two virtual learning environments: MOLE and MOLE 2. Around half of departments have their online courses in MOLE and half have moved to the brand new, shiny MOLE 2. Due to the modular nature of courses, students may well have some online courses in MOLE and others in MOLE 2.
  • All students will see icons for MOLE and MOLE 2 in MUSE.
  • Staff who have courses in MOLE 2 will see both icons
  • Staff who only have courses in MOLE will see the MOLE icon only
MOLE has been available for several years and as a concept is popular amongst students and staff. Content can range from simple lecture notes and PowerPoint slides to discussion forums, YouTube videos, quizzes, assessments, groups and links to supporting web pages and files to help enrich the student learning experience. However, it has often been criticised for being clunky and difficult to use.

MOLE 2 has a modern interface and better features to improve the experience for staff and students.
For the current roll out of MOLE 2 we are simply taking the teaching materials which were available in MOLE and reproducing them , as far as possible, like for like, in MOLE 2. This will allow students to experience a seamless transition from one version to the other.

To see what MOLE 2 looks like see the screencast here:

MOLE 2 Screencast

As more Faculties move to MOLE 2 we will be exploring and developing the real benefits that it can offer. MOLE 2 allows staff to develop imaginative learning pathways which students can move through.  Staff can integrate content from the web creating mash-ups with video and other media.

Web pages about MOLE 2 are being developed at the address below: