Tuesday, 20 September 2011

CiCS Welcomes New Students to the University

It's Tuesday so by now all you new students should hopefully have connected your computers and mobile devices to either the wired or wireless network in residences. You've probably got your UCard and may even have made it into the Information Commons, which may well be like your second home for the next three years. These services and more are provided at least in part by a diverse department called CiCS, Corporate Information and Computing Services.

We provide a range of services that support Learning, Teaching and Research. many of our services are IT based, such as the connections to the Internet, we provide learning spaces around campus, printing services and much more.

You should have received our Getting Started with IT Services booklet, have a flick through - it's well worth a read.

There are details about all our services for students on our website, check out the link below.

CiCS Services for Students

Finally watch out for email scams pretending to be from the student loans company, or a bank or us trying to trick you into revealing your personal details.

Don't reply to emails asking for passwords or bank details. Don't log in to websites that you do nor recognise and trust. Stay smart and you should ahve a great time online and at University.