Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Logging out of Shared Computers

There have been reports from people who share computers, such as counter staff or members of student societies, that the second person to use the computer accidentally sees the first person's email messages even though the first person had logged out. This can be prevented by adopting a secure logout routine.

The most effective and recommended way is for each person to log out of the computer when they have finished their stint and for the next person to log in with their own credentials.

However, for some roles at busy times this may not be realistic. A compromise is for the computer to be logged in using a generic departmental or society account and for each person to open the browser at the start of their shift and close it at the end.

Ideally each person should log into MUSE using their own credentials to acess their Google apps. As people change shifts they need to log out from any Google applications, log out from MUSE then close the browser. The next person can then just open the browser, log into MUSE and continue.

Full details are available from the link below:

Secure log out on shared computers