Friday, 9 September 2011

Teaching Space Upgrade

As part of the preparations for 2012 the University is making a big investment in upgrading all pool teaching space. This includes improvements to heating, lighting, soundproofing, decoration and state of the art IT and AV kit.

The work is being co-ordinated by the Learning Infrastructure Space Management (LISM) group which is chaired by Paul White and includes colleagues from the Faculties, CiCS, Estates and other Professional Services. The work this summer has focussed on the Hicks Building and Bartolome House. This is in addition to the work that is being done in the Arts Tower to completely refurbish the lecture theatres.

In addition to the pool teaching space work, CiCS are refurbishing the open access computer rooms on G floor in the Hicks building, creating 3 computer rooms and a flexible teaching room which will provide much improved teaching and study space.

Around 800 PCs around campus are being upgraded which includes all of the PCs in the Information Commons.