Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Switching Off the WAP Service

Many years ago CiCS introduced a cutting edge technology which made some Internet services availabe on compatible mobile phones.

The WAP service (wireless application protocol) would allow to find staff contact details and to locate free PCs on their mobile phones. It was the stuff of the future!

Fittingly, the first phone widely available phone equipped with this capability was the Nokia 7110 inspierd by the then-iconic phone from the original Matrix movie.

However, the world moves on, technologies evolve and the WAP service never really took off as it might have done. Therefore on Wednesday 5th October the University's WAP service will be formally decommissioned and switch off.

It will be joined by the Oracle Calendar service and University staff email service due to be switched off at the end of the month, and further down the line the myChat service will be decommissioned too.