Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Windows 7 Pilot for Student Computers in IC

The student computing service makes software available via a secure installation of Windows XP. However, CiCS is planning to move the student computing service over to a Windows 7 based service in time for the next academic year. To prepare for this we are piloting a cut-down student computing service based on Windows 7.

Currently there are six computers running the Windows 7 on Level 1, these are clearly signposted. The software is more modern and the start up times are greatly reduced, but you may need to synchronise your password before you can log into this service.

Synchronise your passwords

Students should feel free to use these six computers and should report any problems or issues to staff on the Information Desk nearby.

In a few weeks all forty laptops available to loan to students will also be running the Windows 7 Service.

Web pages are currently being developed to support the new service. The pages will list the software available and will be updated each time the service is changed or expanded.