Monday, 14 November 2011

Using Kindles at University

It's fairly widely known that Kindles cannot connect to the high security eduroam wireless network used at UK Universities. However, that does not mean the Kindles don't work at the University of Sheffield, there are alternative ways to connect and download books from Amazon and from other online resources.

The Kindle 3G Keyboard for example does not need a University wireless network to connect. It can connect to the Internet and download books for free anywhere where there is a mobile phone signal.

The standard Kindle does not connect to the 3G network but you can still download books to it.
  • Staff can connect it to the Guest wireless network, which is intended to provide wireless internet access for guests of University staff but doubles up very nicely as a second wireless network compatible with the Kindle.
  • Students can download their ebooks to standard student computers provided by CiCS and then connect their Kindles using the USB cable and copy the ebook across.
Detailed instructions are available via the web page below.