Thursday, 12 January 2012

Antivirus Update

The University's standard antivirus software, McAfee 8.5,expired at the end of 2011. Sort of! It was certainly publicised that it would expire although it seems that it's life has been extended somewhat as it continues to work. However, support for McAfee 8.5 will expire and at that point many computers will cease to be prtected from modern viruses.

As a result, CiCS has taken the decision to switch our recommended antivirus protection to alternative products which recently have seemed better equipped to deal with modern viruses.

For University-owned or leased PCs we recommend Microsoft Forefront, for presonally owned PCs we recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and for Macs we recommend Sophos. All of these are available for staff and students to install on their computers at no cost to themselves.

Our antivirus web pages have been updated with more information and installation instructions and can be found at: