Thursday, 31 May 2012

Book Now for Our Google Event on 18th June

Speaker: Gary C. Wood, School of English and Linguistics

Google in Teaching: A Case Study All About Linguistics

This talk will present a case study of a first year undergraduate module, Introduction to Linguistics, in which students have recently created a website to promote linguistics to prospective students.  We will consider how this was made possible through the use of a range of Google tools, including Google Sites to build the website itself and to promote collaboration between groups  We will show how using Google Hangouts helped to solve the perennial problem of students complaining that it is impossible to coordinate everyone’s timetables to get together outside class; look at how students used Google Docs to create materials; how Google Forms were used to manage the website’s launch event and student evaluation; and how features of Google Calendar streamlined the scheduling of consultation sessions.  The talk will demonstrate the potential these Google tools hold for innovation in learning and teaching, through showcasing the students’ published website, and by considering their feedback on the process.   There will also be opportunity for colleagues to think about how these tools might apply in their own teaching or department, and to ask questions around this.

Full details of all speakers confirmed so far are available on the event web page below, from which you can also reserve your place.

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Friday, 25 May 2012

New Suggested Times Feature in Google Calendar

When you add participants to a meeting you can now have Google Calendar suggest times when everyone is free making it easier to find a suitable timeslot. The suggested times link appears below the list of participants, clicking it reveals the list of suggested times.

This list contains suitable slots for the coming week. However, if there are no suitable timeslots available this week it will not automatically look for times in the following week; instead it will ask you to choose a different start date for the meeting. You will have to manually change the date of the meeting to be at least one week ahead.

This is a bit inconvenient but perhaps it will be improved in future. Even as it stands, the suggested times feature offers an excellent improvement to Google Calendar.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Google Event on the 18th June - Another Speaker Confirmed

Our Google Event on Monday 18th June has another confirmed speaker, Dr Sam Clarke is a Lecturer in Geotechnical Engineering in the Department of Civil and Structural Engineering.

'Using Google Apps to Organise a Department'

In the Civil & Structural Engineering department we have been using the suite of Google Apps to try to move away from reliance on email and static printed documents as the main means of communication. The move has seen us try to rethink the way our systems have worked in the past, trying to see how Google can save us time and effort, from embracing Google docs to coordinate student meetings to replacing our previously paper based staff handbook with a Google Site. Our staff handbook has allowed us to create a dynamic source of information which at its base level is a repository, but has the ability to be so much more through the integration with the full suite of Google Apps.

The focus of this session will be to look at the root cause of the changes that were made, how we looked to address them and some of the issues we encountered on the way.

Full details of all speakers confirmed so far are available on the event web page below, from which you can also reserve your place.

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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

New Bookable Group Rooms Available

There are 2 new bookable Group Rooms in the IC -

The former prayer room in the silent study space (room C21a) and a former unused space off the level 6 silent study (G07) have been converted to small group rooms for 2 - 3 people. The rooms do not have PCs and are meant for quiet collaboration.

All Group Rooms can be booked through myRooms&Resources

For information about all bookable resources such as rooms, computers, laptops and creative media equipment please visit our web page below:
Booking Learning and Teaching Resources

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Third Speaker Confirmed for Google Event

We are happy to announce that the third speaker has been confiormed for the University Staff 'Making the Most of Google' event taking place Monday 18th June.

The third speaker is David Read from ELC, speaking about Google Apps at the ELTC. The synopsis ais as follows:

Google Apps at the English Language Teaching Centre
David Read, ELTC

At the English Language Teaching Centre, some of our teachers have been using Google Apps to help international students develop their English skills. Google Docs has been used for essay submission, correction and review while Google Sites has been used as an alternative VLE. We are also running several pilot projects using Google+ Hangouts to hold student webinars as well as provide writing support for distance students at the university. This presentation will give an overview of these projects as well as discuss some of the issues involved with getting students and teachers up and running with Google Apps.

David joins the previously confirmed speakers Sarah Horrigan, with her presentation 'Opening Up Our Practises' and Andy Tattersall with his 'Making Shift Happen' presentation delivered by Google Hangouts.

Full details of all speakers confirmed so far and available from the event web page below, from which you can also reserve your place.

Making the Most of Google

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

New Web Page on Scanners

We have brought together all the information you may need on scanners and created a new web page. 

Our web page will show you where you can find scanners on Campus and how to book one in advance.  There are also details on a new service that is being piloted in the IC which enables you to scan directly to your email inbox.


Thursday, 10 May 2012

Opt-In to Google Drive from May 14th

University staff and students will be able to opt-in to Google Drive some time during the week of May 14th. You will see a link to try Google Drive from within your Google Docs. This is not a forced migration to Drive from Docs, it’s simply an opportunity to try the new product.

Google are aiming to move to the opt-out phase in early June (tentatively aiming for June 11th).  The rollout process is explained here:

Google Drive Roll-Out

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another Speaker is Confirmed for the Google Event

Google Event - 18th June 2012  9am - 1pm
Richard Roberts Auditorium

Making Shift Happen - Experiences of Google Apps in ScHARR
Andy Tattersall

Andy Tattersall is an Information Specialist from ScHARR and has been using many Google Apps since 2006, before the University gave us the opportunity and freedom to use the extensive suite of tools in-house last year.

From using Blogger to run the ScHARR Library blog to Sketchup to redesign the very same library, from Google Forms to log a large number of team enquiries and Reader to stay abreast of his own current research focus. The switch over to Google has opened up more possibilities and collaborations than ever, distance and location is no longer a problem on campus. Since then, Andy has organised a national conference using the tools and even hosted a plenary via Hangouts, uses a site to promote his team’s Bite Size teaching sessions and forms to capture feedback. As the previous chair of the School’s IT Group he promoted the wider use of web cams and headsets and in turn the greater use of Hangouts.
The focus of Andy’s session will look at the development and his department’s use of the Apps and how any other department within the University could easily apply these practices and benefit immensely. Andy will also talk about his experiences of using one of Google’s Chromebooks at conferences and meetings to running presentations in the Cloud.

The presentation will be delivered via a Google Hangout to the conference.

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Friday, 4 May 2012

'Making the Most of Google Event' on 18th June

CiCS will be hosting an event on the 18th June to bring together members of staff from around the University to share and showcase their ideas and working practices on using a variety of Google Apps.

Why not come and join us -
  • Find out what is happening with Google in Learning and Teaching.
  • Learn what Google tools researchers and adminstrators are using and why.
  • Discover some of the benefits to you of using Google+, Google Blogger, Google Sites, Google Hangouts and more.
One presentation is already booked:
'Opening up our Practices - Going Google' with  Sarah Horrigan, Learning Technologies Manager, CiCS.

In the Learning Technologies Team, we’ve been taking an integrated approach to using Google to support and disseminate our work.  Though we’ve been using everything from Google Calendars to Docs, Forms, Presentations, Analytics, Readers, Sites and more - this presentation will focus on our use of Google tools to share practice both internally and externally.  Our Learning Technologies blog  and Google+ page have played a key role in this and have helped us to explore how best to use them as a means for communication and community engagement. 

In less than 2 months, the blog has gained an audience of over 90 educational institutions worldwide; one simple blog has allowed us to open up our practices as well as make connections across the university and reach a far wider audience.  The presentation also looks at some of the issues encountered, the rationale for the choices made - why we chose to go with a team approach, how we manage multiple authors, what gadgets to use in the sidebar, how we use pages for additional content - as well as offer some advice on how to build a blog from scratch and sustain it using Google Blogger.  It also looks at the developing role of our Google+ page and shows how they can work together to help further create online community.

The event will be held in the Richard Roberts Auditorium from 9am to 1pm on Monday 18th June
To make sure of a place book now:
Google Event

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

How to Use Creative Media

Would you like some help and advice on how to create videos, screencasts or podcasts?

There are now one hour practical workshops available in the Information Commons for both staff and students.  These will run twice a month until the summer vacation. There are still places on the dates below:
  • Staff - Friday 11th May
  • Students - Monday 14th May and Friday 18th May
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