Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another Speaker is Confirmed for the Google Event

Google Event - 18th June 2012  9am - 1pm
Richard Roberts Auditorium

Making Shift Happen - Experiences of Google Apps in ScHARR
Andy Tattersall

Andy Tattersall is an Information Specialist from ScHARR and has been using many Google Apps since 2006, before the University gave us the opportunity and freedom to use the extensive suite of tools in-house last year.

From using Blogger to run the ScHARR Library blog to Sketchup to redesign the very same library, from Google Forms to log a large number of team enquiries and Reader to stay abreast of his own current research focus. The switch over to Google has opened up more possibilities and collaborations than ever, distance and location is no longer a problem on campus. Since then, Andy has organised a national conference using the tools and even hosted a plenary via Hangouts, uses a site to promote his team’s Bite Size teaching sessions and forms to capture feedback. As the previous chair of the School’s IT Group he promoted the wider use of web cams and headsets and in turn the greater use of Hangouts.
The focus of Andy’s session will look at the development and his department’s use of the Apps and how any other department within the University could easily apply these practices and benefit immensely. Andy will also talk about his experiences of using one of Google’s Chromebooks at conferences and meetings to running presentations in the Cloud.

The presentation will be delivered via a Google Hangout to the conference.

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