Thursday, 31 May 2012

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Speaker: Gary C. Wood, School of English and Linguistics

Google in Teaching: A Case Study All About Linguistics

This talk will present a case study of a first year undergraduate module, Introduction to Linguistics, in which students have recently created a website to promote linguistics to prospective students.  We will consider how this was made possible through the use of a range of Google tools, including Google Sites to build the website itself and to promote collaboration between groups  We will show how using Google Hangouts helped to solve the perennial problem of students complaining that it is impossible to coordinate everyone’s timetables to get together outside class; look at how students used Google Docs to create materials; how Google Forms were used to manage the website’s launch event and student evaluation; and how features of Google Calendar streamlined the scheduling of consultation sessions.  The talk will demonstrate the potential these Google tools hold for innovation in learning and teaching, through showcasing the students’ published website, and by considering their feedback on the process.   There will also be opportunity for colleagues to think about how these tools might apply in their own teaching or department, and to ask questions around this.

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