Friday, 4 May 2012

'Making the Most of Google Event' on 18th June

CiCS will be hosting an event on the 18th June to bring together members of staff from around the University to share and showcase their ideas and working practices on using a variety of Google Apps.

Why not come and join us -
  • Find out what is happening with Google in Learning and Teaching.
  • Learn what Google tools researchers and adminstrators are using and why.
  • Discover some of the benefits to you of using Google+, Google Blogger, Google Sites, Google Hangouts and more.
One presentation is already booked:
'Opening up our Practices - Going Google' with  Sarah Horrigan, Learning Technologies Manager, CiCS.

In the Learning Technologies Team, we’ve been taking an integrated approach to using Google to support and disseminate our work.  Though we’ve been using everything from Google Calendars to Docs, Forms, Presentations, Analytics, Readers, Sites and more - this presentation will focus on our use of Google tools to share practice both internally and externally.  Our Learning Technologies blog  and Google+ page have played a key role in this and have helped us to explore how best to use them as a means for communication and community engagement. 

In less than 2 months, the blog has gained an audience of over 90 educational institutions worldwide; one simple blog has allowed us to open up our practices as well as make connections across the university and reach a far wider audience.  The presentation also looks at some of the issues encountered, the rationale for the choices made - why we chose to go with a team approach, how we manage multiple authors, what gadgets to use in the sidebar, how we use pages for additional content - as well as offer some advice on how to build a blog from scratch and sustain it using Google Blogger.  It also looks at the developing role of our Google+ page and shows how they can work together to help further create online community.

The event will be held in the Richard Roberts Auditorium from 9am to 1pm on Monday 18th June
To make sure of a place book now:
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