Friday, 29 June 2012

Shared Inbox Tip from Google Mail

Please don't share your passwords with colleagues. This would be in direct contravention of the IT Code of Practice.

If you need to use a shared inbox for your department, or just have someone keep an eye on your work emails whilst you're away, Inbox Delegation in your University GMail is a great way to do it.

Full instructions on delegating access to email, calendar and more can be found on web page
Delegating Access

Friday, 22 June 2012

Listen to the Presentations from our Recent Google Event

You can now listen to each of the 6 presentations that took place at the 'Making the Most of Google ' Event on the 18th June.

Colleagues from around the University shared their 'Google' experiences, giving examples of how the different Google Apps are being used to help them in their day to day work.

The presentations

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

MOLE and MOLE 2 Update News

There will shortly be a significant upgrade to the University's VLE, MOLE 2. 

The service will be shut down from 5pm on Wednesday 4th July and will return by 9am Monday 9th July,

Full details about this upgrade, the annual course rollover and the move of all courses from MOLE to MOLE 2 can be found on our web page below:

Update News

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Get Connected

  • Free wireless Internet in all University accommodation.
  • Additional free wired in most accomodation
  • Free wireless Internet on campus.
  • You can connect computers, laptops, consoles, mobiles and tablets.
  • Access your favourite social websites as well as our academic resources.

Loads of Computers

  • Use your own laptop or tablet on campus
  • If your laptop breaks we'll try to fix it for you
  • You can borrow our laptops for free
  • We have over 1600 desktop computers in rooms and study spaces around campus.
  • Specialist software such as Office, Photoshop, Matlab and AutoCAD is available on all PCs across campus.
  • PCs can be booked in advance to guarantee you some study time.

Web Based IT Services

  • The University provides a whole range of web-based services.
  • Lecture notes and library resources are available 24/7 online.
  • Save your work on our PCs or in your University Google Docs account and access it online in any place at any time.
  • Thanks to the University portal MUSE, you can access all of your resources anywhere in the world.

Free Laptop Repairs

  • We run a free drop-in service to help with software and hardware problems.
  • Technical advice is given when required at drop-in sessions or by phone.
  • We offer support by phone, email and remotely so you don't even have to come in to see us.
  • You'll have acess to our online knowledgebase of frequently asked questions and answers via the University portal MUSE.
  • We also offer software for sale at discounted prices.

Student Printing

  • All our PCs can send prints to fast, inexpensive printers.
  • You can collect your print outs from any of our printers on campus.
  • You can top up your print credit online via the University portal MUSE.
  • You can send prints from your own laptop (Windows or Mac) and collect them from any of our printers.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Preparing for IPv6

IPv6 is latest version of the underlying technology that makes it possible for us to connect our devices to the web. It replaces IPv4 which has started to run out of addresses. (IPv5 was was developed in the 1980s as an experiment but was never widely distributed.)

We have already made our wireless network eduroam compatible with IPv6 and are starting the more complex process of making our wired network compatible with IPv6.  In order to do this we have to reboot each network switch to apply a software upgrade and a configuration change. This causes a service outage of around 5 minutes to network and phone connectivity to the devices served by the switch.

We are rolling this out around campus on a building by building basis. In each case work starts at 7:45 am and should be complete by 8am. Although this maintenance is low risk, in rare circumstances people may experience an outage of up to 20 minutes.

So far the schedule for maintenance is:

Thursday 14th June 7:45-8am
  • BioIncubator
  • Broad Lane Court
  • Computing Centre
Monday 18th June 7:45-8am
  • Dainton
  • Dental School
  • Drama Studio
More details will be announced as work progresses. Up-to-date information can always be found on the CiCS Service Status page.

Creative Media Workshops for Staff

One hour practical workshops are available in the Information Commons. The sessions will show you how to create videos, podcasts and sceencasts:

Thursday    21st June 1-2pm
Wednesday 27th June 2-3pm
Wednesday 11th July 2-3pm
Thursday     26th July 1-2pm

All workshops will take place in IC Collaboratory 1 (B20)

Workshop Booking Form

Monday, 11 June 2012

June 15th - 17th Infrastructure Upgrade

A substantial upgrade of our IT infrastructure is planned for the weekend of Fri 15th - Sun 17th June. After further consultation with staff, we have reduced the scope of the upgrade work and will be working through the night, aiming to restore the majority of services by 9am Saturday 16th June.
However, if there are unexpected problems, services may take until midday to return.

During this time the majority of University IT services will be unavailable. However, some services including the University website will remain available. In addition, staff can continue to use email via mail clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook and Macmail as well as some smartphones.

Up-to-date information is available via our blog on the link below. This will be updated regularly as we approach the upgrade and during the upgrade as each milestone is reached, taking down services and then returning them to operation.

Full details and updates during the maintenance period can be found at:

Upgrade Information

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Possible Hack of LinkedIn - Change your Password

There are reports that hackers have obtained 6.5 million encrypted passwords from social networking CV site LinkedIn. The reports have not been confirmed but are likely to be true. At present the risk is low as they may only have passwords without user names - however this may change over time.

Our advice for now is that LinkedIn users should change their passwords. However, it's worth reinforcing that you must never use your University password to log into external sites, specifically to avoid situation like this. If you do use your University password to access LinkedIn or any other web based services you must change it to something different.

Information on managing multiple passwords can be found on our security web pages, see:

Managing Multiple Passwords

Your Accounts after Graduation

As graduation approaches for some students, we would like to remind all students that after graduation your University provided computing accounts will come to a close.

If you need to keep any of your files, data, pictures etc. you will need to move them out of your university account. To help you prepare for this time we have created a series of webpages so that you can migrate any emails, contacts, documents etc out of your account before it is closed.

Migrating your Google Apps

Friday, 1 June 2012

What is Creative Media all about?

The creative media team have produced a new video about the services on offer in the Information Commons.

View the video on their web pages, plus find out more about the equipment that is available for loan or how to book the creative media room. You can also book a workshop to find out  how to get started.

Creative Media