Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Preparing for IPv6

IPv6 is latest version of the underlying technology that makes it possible for us to connect our devices to the web. It replaces IPv4 which has started to run out of addresses. (IPv5 was was developed in the 1980s as an experiment but was never widely distributed.)

We have already made our wireless network eduroam compatible with IPv6 and are starting the more complex process of making our wired network compatible with IPv6.  In order to do this we have to reboot each network switch to apply a software upgrade and a configuration change. This causes a service outage of around 5 minutes to network and phone connectivity to the devices served by the switch.

We are rolling this out around campus on a building by building basis. In each case work starts at 7:45 am and should be complete by 8am. Although this maintenance is low risk, in rare circumstances people may experience an outage of up to 20 minutes.

So far the schedule for maintenance is:

Thursday 14th June 7:45-8am
  • BioIncubator
  • Broad Lane Court
  • Computing Centre
Monday 18th June 7:45-8am
  • Dainton
  • Dental School
  • Drama Studio
More details will be announced as work progresses. Up-to-date information can always be found on the CiCS Service Status page.