Monday, 24 September 2012

New Software Download Service

CiCS provides a range of academic software to University staff and students, either at discounted prices or for free. Different software providers offer us different licesing terms and conditions etc but we worry about all of that and just provide cheap academic software to you.

Up until recently you had to visit the Computing Centre to collect your installation discs and pay. However, now we have made most of our software available to download directly onto your University computer from our new software download service.

This is linked below and features a list of our available software with instructions on how to download and information about eligibility etc:

Software download service

As these applications tend to quite large we recommend you download them on campus rather than at home. If you do need a copy on a computer at home, for which some software is licensed, we suggest you download on campus to a USB memory stick and take that home with you. Also if you are recommending that a class of students download a software application you should stress that they do not all do this at the same time during your lecture!

We've heard it works better in Internet Explorer than in Chrome - let us know if you have any problems downloading.