Monday, 8 October 2012

Finding Free PCs in the IC

There's a great new way to locate free PCs in the Information Commons. At the top of the stairs on each floor there's a plasma sceen showing the number of free PCs on each floor plus the position of the free PCs on the current floor.

It displays a floor plan of the current floor with dots for the location of each PC and a yellow dot for the location of an available PC. The column on the right of the display show the number of free PCs on each floor.

It's worth remembering too that when there are no free PCs in the IC you may still be able to borrow one of our laptops for up to four hours. This service is free - more information from the link below.

Laptop loan service

The general PC availability utility that lists the number of available PCs in all computer rooms around campus is working but has not yet been enabled on the new Windows 7 student computers. This will be activated in due course and we will let you know.