Monday, 15 October 2012

PC Availability is Back!

The PC availability service, which displays the number of PCs in each student computer room that are currently not in use and therefore available, is back in service.

The original PC Availability programme was written many years ago and worked well on our Windows XP infrastructure. However, when we moved to Windows 7 we did not include PC Availability in the install and we removed links to PC availability from our web pages and from our iSheffield mobile app.

Once the Windows 7 service had been successsfully rolled out we turned our attention to PC Availability and wrote a new system. the old petermeter has now been replaced by the jonmon. This is now being deployed room by room. It may take a few days for all rooms to be covered.

We are now in the process of adding the links to our web pages but in the meantime it can be found below:

PC Availability

If you use iSheffield you will now see that the PC Availability gadget works. Just tap the icon to see which rooms are full and which have available PCs for you to use. PC availability in your pocket - how good is that? To get iSheffield go here on your mobile device:

get iSheffield