Tuesday, 20 November 2012

BBC iPlayer and Internet Explorer 8

Chrome Frame allows you to use Google Apps in IE 8, but unfortunately stops BBC iPlayer from working. It’s quite a strange issue, which there are numerous accounts of online (once you know what you are looking for) but no real fix. Having done a fair bit of investigation, it seems that it is a problem is specific to iPlayer rather than flash content, with similar content on all other websites. This includes video content on all other BBC websites (sport, news etc) which works. That is not to say that other websites will not experience similar issues. If you do experience some problems all we can suggest at this moment is using an alternative browser.

The reason for implementing Chrome Frame is that on November 15th Google ended their support for Internet Explorer 8. In usual cases this means endless warning and error messages, reduced functionality in email and Google Docs, and Calendars becoming read only. This is bad news for many Windows XP users who have Internet Explorer as their preferred browser as version 8 is the highest available to them.

To prevent those on XP from being affected by the symptoms I mentioned, we made an application called Chrome Frame available from the Application Menu on managed XP and suggested that it was installed (called “Internet Explorer 8 Google Drive Fix”)

For many XP managed desktop users, I appreciate that this may be of little consolation. However, we hope that the new Windows 7 Managed desktop will be available to you shortly, solving these issues (and a number of others I imagine).