Wednesday, 28 November 2012

How Do You Interpret a Silence?

In the past few weeks we have seen a number of issues for people using the Software Centre on the Windows 7 computers. There have been a few different presentations of Software Centre problems:
  • Software taking a long time to appear in the list has been a common issue  
  • In some cases software can take up to 20 minutes to load.
  • On some machines, however, software is not appearing in the list.
Since the impact of these problems has become clear, we have been working on fixing them. Settings have been put in place to help the software centre populate and to do it more quickly, although we have seen instances where it has broken completely and needs reinstalling. Since we have put these settings in place we have seen a drop in the number of people reporting issues.

So, how do you interpret a silence? The decrease in reports could mean that the changes we have made are working, which would be great! However, what we don’t want is the decrease to mean people are ‘used to’ the software centre issues. That is a bad silence. You shouldn’t get used to things not working. So if you do experience any problems with software centre, please let us know. Either inform the staff on the IC Information Desk or use the Feedback link on the left hand side of our CiCS Home Page.  Every report helps us get it fixed!