Thursday, 22 November 2012

New Compose Interface for Google Mail

On Tuesday the new compose interface for Google Mail was made available to opt-in for people on the scheduled release track including the University of Sheffield. An opt-in screen may appear when you click the Compose button.

The new interface presents the Message Compose window as a child-window within the Gmail interface, with the inbox still visible and accessible behind it. It can be minimised and restored and in many ways operates much like the chat windows within the Gmail interface.

The main advantage is that whilst writing an email message you can switch to messages that you have received in case you need to refer back to different conversations.

Here is what the release track says:

The compose and reply features in Gmail have been redesigned. The new compose features appear in a new pop-up window that lets users keep their inbox visible, and the new reply features fit better inline as part of a conversation. For details, see the Gmail blog post

What you need to do
There are no new administrative settings for the new compose and reply features. We recommend you send users the documentation and training resources below.

Impact to Users
Users can opt-in to use redesigned windows and controls when they compose or reply to a message. They can opt-out at any time, until the changes become permanent.

Help Center articles
Google Apps Learning Center, which includes an overview, user guide, video, and FAQ.

Language Availability
  • User interface: All languages that Gmail supports.
  • Help Center: All languages that the Gmail Help Center supports.