Friday, 21 December 2012

Knowledgebase - Your Views Wanted

Knowledgebase Awareness and Usage Questionnaire

A student at the University of Sheffield is currently undertaking an internship at CiCS reviewing the self-service Knowledgebase, to gauge awareness and usage of the service.
The following questionnaire has been designed to assess how aware people are that the Knowledgebase exists, as well as how effective they find the service.
The questionnaire is very short and should take no longer than a couple of minutes and will allow for improvements to be made that could benefit you directly. Do not worry if you are not sure what the Knowledgebase is, we are still eager to hear your views on the subject.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Year Changes to Google Calendar

Google Calendar Appointment slots
As part of their “Winter Cleaning”, Google are discontinuing some features which experience low usage. Unfortunately they have included the Appointment slots feature as one of the features to be discontinued. This means that after January 4th, you won’t be able to create any new appointment slots. However, any that you have created before that time will work for the next year. Your normal Google Calendar events will not be affected, only those created with the Appointment slots feature.
We are currently assessing some promising alternatives to the Appointment slots feature and will have some advice ready for you in the new year.

Smart Rescheduler
The Smart Rescheduler lab, used for automatically finding alternative times for meetings has been replaced by the Suggested times feature, which is a part of calendar now, rather than an add on. If you have the Smart Rescheduler lab installed on your calendar, it will disappear from January 4th.

Google Sync
We also wanted to give some clarity on the situation with Google Sync, which many of us use to get mail and calendar on iPhones etc using Microsoft Exchange. This feature is being discontinued for personal Google accounts, but not for Educational domains. So for any personal accounts, this method will not work after January 4th, but your university,, account will not be affected and will continue to work as it has been.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

MOLE 2 Training Sessions

In the new year we have scheduled a large number of training sessions for MOLE 2, the University's Virtual Learning Environment.

We have also introduced some new, more advanced courses covering: Assessments & Assignments, Communication and Module/Course Management.

If you would like to attend any of the workshops you can book a place online. For more information about the sessions and booking

MOLE2 Training

Monday, 17 December 2012

Tue 18 & Fri 21 December Maintenance

Students working early Tuesday and Friday morning will need to save their work regularly before 8:00am.
Don't rely on autosave, instead go to the File menu and select the Save option, or click the save icon in the toolbar or use the Ctrl + S keyboard shortcut - but save your work before 8am.
Between, 8:00 and 9:00 Tuesday we are carrying out maintenance on the Barbrook and Broadstone servers. Between, 8:00 and 9:00 Friday we are carrying out maintenance on the Roydmoor and Ramsden servers. During these times the student computing service should work as normal but will not be able to access the file servers. Students on these servers will not be able to save files between 8 and 9am.

If you forget to save before 8 and then find you need to save before 9 you can find information on a workaround Workaround advice available 7:30-9am Tuesday.
In theory, when the maintenance is complete the file servers will become available again to the student computing service and you can save your work as if nothing had happened, However, your work is important and it is best to be safe. For peace of mind save your work regularly before 8am.
Saving your work regularly is a good habit to get into in general and may save you a lot of heartache and retyping for those rare times when servers fail without warning.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Student Mobile Survey - Results

Last month we asked you whether you would make use of a printing service that would allow you to print from your mobile phone or tablet.  

We had a whopping 1479 responses, exactly 500 within the first hour.  The result was a resounding YES, with 87% saying they would use the service if it was made available.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Software Center - Update

Sometimes the Software Center on the Windows 7 computers takes a long time to load or doesn't load at all

When launching Software Center, if after loading, no applications are present and the message “No items found” is displayed you will need to run “Update Software Center apps” from the desktop. This will force Software Center to retrieve the application list and display it.

To run “Update Software Centre apps”

  1. Double click on the Software Center to launch it.
  2. If you receive the error message: “There is a problem showing the current status”, you will need to relaunch the Software Center after a short wait.
  3. If after loading, the software center displays the message “No items found” you must run “Update Software Center apps”.
  4. “Update Software Center apps” is a desktop shortcut with the same icon as the Software Center.
  5. Double click on this to run it.
  6. A black window will appear whilst the app runs and will go once it has finished.
  7. After completion, click on the software center screen and press F5 to refresh the page.
  8. The list of applications should now appear.

Friday, 7 December 2012

What is available in the IC over the Christmas Break?

During the vacation (Saturday 15th December to Monday 14th January 2012) the IC will still be open 24/7, but there will be a few changes to staffing hours and book loans.

The Concierge team will be on the Welcome Desk throughout the Christmas break.

From 5.00pm on Friday 21st December until 9.00am on Wednesday 2nd January there will be self service only.

For full information on what services will be available during this holiday visit the link below

Christmas in the IC

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Email Attachments on Student Computers

Some students use email attachments to store their documents and transfer them between computers. Although this is convenient, currently it can be quite dangerous. When attachments are opened an the student computing service they may be saved into a temporary folder that is deleted when you log out.

The safest way to work is to always save your email attachments to your networked filestore. Your filestore is backed up over night, is accessible from every student PC and can be accessed from your own computer via MUSE.

Your coursework is very important and you should guard it carefully. The best way to protect your work is as follows:

  • When you create a new piece of work on the student computing service save it in your My Documents folder or onto the Desktop.
  • Whilst working on a file, save it regularly by clicking the Save button. Do not rely on autosave.
  • If working on an email attachment do not view and edit it from the email options. Manually save it to My Documents or to the Desktop first, then open and edit it.
  • If working on your own computer back up your files to your networked filestore using myFilestore in MUSE
    Using myFilestore to back up files
  • Memory sticks are fine to move files between computers but cannot be relied upon to store files safely.
 If you follow those rules your work will be safe. However, regarding the email attachments issue there is a chance we can eliminate the problem. In fact we may shortly be able to announce some very exciting news about the student computing service...