Thursday, 6 December 2012

Email Attachments on Student Computers

Some students use email attachments to store their documents and transfer them between computers. Although this is convenient, currently it can be quite dangerous. When attachments are opened an the student computing service they may be saved into a temporary folder that is deleted when you log out.

The safest way to work is to always save your email attachments to your networked filestore. Your filestore is backed up over night, is accessible from every student PC and can be accessed from your own computer via MUSE.

Your coursework is very important and you should guard it carefully. The best way to protect your work is as follows:

  • When you create a new piece of work on the student computing service save it in your My Documents folder or onto the Desktop.
  • Whilst working on a file, save it regularly by clicking the Save button. Do not rely on autosave.
  • If working on an email attachment do not view and edit it from the email options. Manually save it to My Documents or to the Desktop first, then open and edit it.
  • If working on your own computer back up your files to your networked filestore using myFilestore in MUSE
    Using myFilestore to back up files
  • Memory sticks are fine to move files between computers but cannot be relied upon to store files safely.
 If you follow those rules your work will be safe. However, regarding the email attachments issue there is a chance we can eliminate the problem. In fact we may shortly be able to announce some very exciting news about the student computing service...