Friday, 11 January 2013

Students being logged out of IC PCs

There has been an intermittent problems with the MyPC reservations system in the IC with students either being logged out or informed they were not authorised to use a computer.

The cause of the fault has been investigated and identified as a bug in the system. If a staff member, logs into a student PC within an hour of an existing booking, that booking becomes compromised or invalidated on some level.

This fault will be rectified by upgrading MyPC to the next version, which will take place next Wednewsday 16th Jan 9-10am. It will not be possible to reserve a PC for the 9-10 Wednesday timeslot, nor will it be possible to make a new booking during that timeslot. Also during this time the PC availability floor plans displayed on IC plasma screens may wrongly suggest that there are no free PCs available.

In fact, all IC PCs will be available to use on a first come, first served basis. From 10am on Wednesday the MyPC booking system will be fully operational again minus the annoying error messages.