Monday, 18 February 2013

Mobile App for MOLE 2 Coming Soon!

Blackboard Mobile Learn, the mobile app for MOLE 2, will be made available for Sheffield students and staff at the end of February. Details on how to get and use the app will be made available from the CiCS website.

Currently, the app lets you access your course materials from your phone or tablet, lets you interact with your tutor and your coursemates and notifies you whenever new course materials are made available. However, in future there will be innovative course materials developed specifically to make the most of the smartphone/tablet interface in addition to standard computer access.

Currently we are releasing Mobile Learn via a soft launch. That means we are making the app available to anyone who is interested in trying it out, but we are not actively promoting it. Over time we will work with teaching staff at the University to explore innovative ways to use the app and to optimise online course materials to be used with the app. We anticipate a full bells and whistles fanfare launch for the app to take place in September.

To avoid confusion we need to be clear that Blackboard Mobile Learn is the app that gives access to course content and learning partners in Blackboard Learns (MOLE 2). It should not be confused with Blackboard Mobile Central which provides a wide range of mobile resources for students. At Sheffield we already provide this wide range of personalised information and services to students via the iSheffield mobile app available below:

Platforms that will support the app are iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOS. There is currently no Windows 8 version but this is scheduled to be released soon.