Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Moving on from uSpace

CiCS is running a project to decommission uSpace via a measured, thought-out process. Originally uSpace was introduced to provide new and innovative functionality for learning and teaching, including blogs and wiki-type collaborative document editing. Staff and students quickly found innovative ways to use these features in many aspects of University work. However, many, if not all, of these features are now provided by other services including MOLE2 and Google Apps, and usage of uSpace has decreased significantly as many students and staff have naturally migrated to different services.

It has also become increasingly confusing to staff to determine where best to store and share documents as an ever-increasing range of services was providing similar functionality. This also made it difficult for us to justify paying the substantial licensing and support costs that uSpace demanded.

Despite the decrease in usage, uSpace is still being used and enjoyed in some areas and the project will not leave its users high and dry. We will work with colleagues to understand how it is currently being used and will identify how this functionality can be provided by alternative IT services at the University. We will also look at transferring content out of uSpace into other services.

It is always a lot easier and cleaner to introduce new services than it is to decommission them. However, it is very important that the University does not accumulate a collection of legacy services providing functionality that is available elsewhere. If you have thoughts, ideas or concerns about the decommissioning of uSpace please let us know using the form fields below.