Tuesday, 16 April 2013

uSpace Closure: Supporting the Transition to new Services

Over the years uSpace has provided the University with excellent communication and collaboration services and introduced many staff and students to the ideas and possibilities of social media. However, time has passed and now all the functionality provided by uSpace can be provided bin a better way and more cost effectively using other IT services.

The future of uSpace has been discussed in detail at the Communication and Collaboration Service Advisory Group, in which representatives from across the University help shape the direction of CiCS services. Here it was decided to withdraw uSpace as a service over the coming year and to give University members plenty of notice so there are no surprises.

The withdrawal of uSpace is being managed as a formal project with representation from all faculties. The project will develop tools to automate the process of moving uSpace content onto new services. Most learning and teaching materials will be migrated onto MOLE 2 which has many new features that will provide additional benefits for your online learning and teaching activities including a new mobile app.

We aim to move all content as soon as possible, but realise some can’t be moved until the end of the 2013/14 academic year. However, we do encourage you to move your content onto a new services as soon as you are comfortable to do so and we can offer support to help you achieve this. Many staff have already made the transition onto new collaboration services.

We will be providing more information and regular updates through our usual news channels and via the project web page at

As part of the withdrawal process we will be contacting key uSpace users directly. In addition you can contact us for help and advice via the project web page linked above.