Thursday, 20 June 2013

MOLE 2 Upgrade, Rollover and New Features

From Monday 24th June the annual MOLE 2 rollover begins in which each course in MOLE 2 is transferred from the previous academic year to the next. It is an exercise that takes around two weeks to complete with each course being unavailable for a brief period of time within this two week window. The MOLE team have been in discussions with teaching staff in departments about the timing of the downtime for each course.

From 5.00 pm on Friday, July 19 until 5.00pm on Friday, July 26 MOLE 2 will be upgraded to a new version with lots of extra functionality. This upgrade is a complex one so MOLE 2 must be shut down for a full week. However, if we're able to complete this work more quickly we will let everyone know via the usual means, so do check the CiCS service status page and twitter for updates. We are still assessing a number of the new features that we hope to introduce as part of the upgrade. More information will follow.

In September the MOLE team will deliver a series of presentations to learning technologists in departments about the new features that will be made available in MOLE 2, and will ascertain whether there is demand for the features that we would not expect to make available.