Monday, 29 July 2013

Embedding uPlayer media directly from MOLE

We have a new tool to simplify the process of embedding uPlayer videos into MOLE courses.
This new tool allows a MOLE course instructor to search the uPlayer library from within the MOLE environment, and embed a publicly visible media clip into a MOLE course by clicking a button.

The search of the uPlayer library is configured so that media from particular uPlayer categories is visible to, or hidden from, specific MOLE courses.

Visibility of uPlayer Media

To make sharing and embedding easier, we propose to make the material in the main uPlayer categories visible to all MOLE course instructors across all Faculties and Departments.  The main uPlayer categories are named after Faculties and shared by Departments within each Faculty.

If an owner of media in these shared categories wishes to opt out of sharing, we will move their media to a ‘restricted’ category.

Restricted categories 

There are a number of restricted categories that contain material which is either confidential, or licensed for use on campus only. These categories will have specific links to particular courses only, and will not be visible to other courses.

Counting Plays

We now have the facility to monitor the number of plays for an item of uPlayer media.

 In the three months from 01/04/2013 to 30/06/2013 the most popular item in the library was a recording of a Chemistry lecture, which was played 8933 times.