Monday, 7 October 2013

Migrating staff filestore in October

Over the summer we have purchased and set up some new, more powerful hardware to run our virtual server environment. We have been systematically migrating services from the older environment to the new one and have already successfully moved students' filestore

The migrations will take place throughout October, with work beginning at 7am on the scheduled day. Each filestore server will be unavailable for 15-30 minutes whilst it is moved, with your shared areas and personal filestore, u:drive, being affected. If you are using a University Desktop computer or a managed Windows XP computer before 8am on the day your server is scheduled for migration, make sure you can see your u:drive and your shared areas before you do anything, to avoid losing any work you might start. 

Once the migration is complete, everything will look and work the same for you. All your files and folders will appear in the same place they always did.

Here is the proposed schedule:

Ashopton - Wednesday 9 October
Langsett - Thursday 10 October
Windleden - Friday 11 October
Ladybower & Stfdata01 - Monday 14 October
Froggatt - Tuesday 15 October

Ogston - Thursday 17 October