Thursday, 21 November 2013

The latest on student printing...

Here’s the latest on printing from your own laptops. This morning, we have applied an update to the technology and re-enabled the ability for you to print from your own laptop. However, though this works in testing, we cannot be certain that it’s worked until you start printing from your own laptops again. If we continue to have problems we may have to turn it off again, so we will monitor the situation closely we’ll keep you updated too.

We’re really pleased that we can provide the ability for you to use your own laptops here at Sheffield, but the flip side is that there’s always a risk of something new coming out which doesn’t play nicely, and causes situations like this which are outside of our control. This also means that it can take a short while for us and our suppliers to be able to find a fix.

As well as having re-enabled printing from your laptop, we’re working on new ways for you to print using new, more flexible technology. We’ll keep you informed with the current issue and with our progress working on the new printing as we go. Your continued patience during these difficult times is really appreciated.