Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Sustainable print for Managed XP

The roll out of the new printing service, My Sustainable Print, continues and we'll be preparing Managed XP computers for when it arrives. This means, that for those of you currently running Managed XP you'll be able to use My Sustainable print as it arrives in your department.

A new black pop-up box will appear on your screen each time you log in as a result of making it work. It may take up to a minute for the window to disappear but it’s nothing to worry about, you should just let it do its stuff and close itself. As soon as it's gone you'll be able to work as normal.

From tomorrow, whether you are using Managed XP or another type of computer, you'll be able to install the printer queues for My Sustainable Print, meaning as soon as your new printers are dropped off you'll be ready to go.

Find out more about My Sustainable Print

Set up your print queus on Managed XP

Set up your print queues on another type of computer