Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Planning for the End of Windows XP

On April 8th 2014 we will have to say goodbye to Windows XP. Microsoft is ending support for it and will no longer issue security updates to protect from new threats that emerge. If a Windows XP computer is compromised or infected after this date it could put the data on that PC at risk, is likely to spread to other Windows XP computers and potentially put our entire network at risk.

To raise awareness of these risks we created this 45 second video, please share with your colleagues.

Although we will not attempt to force anybody to move away from XP, if an XP computer does get compromised we must block it from the network and cannot guarantee that we will be able to fix it and have it reconnected back to the network.Since the public jury is still out on Windows 8 and we have far more experience and confidence in Windows 7, we’ll be helping departments migrate any remaining Windows XP computers used at the University onto Windows 7. This is no mean feat as Windows XP is still fairly widely used around the University and locating each PC will take a lot of detective work and IT forensics!

To see what you should do if you are still using a Windows XP computer have a look at our infographic below:

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