Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Projects and Developments News for February

Each month we collate news summaries for each of our projects and publish these as a digest on our projects web page. News for February is copied below, but to keep up-to-date with our project and development news visit http://www.shef.ac.uk/cics/projects/news

With News for February 2014 (covering January 2014)

Business Activity Projects

  • Sharp are on site installing printers for the MSP service.
  • They will shortly commence removing personal printers from the campus.
  • Staff going live shortly.

Other Developments

  • Print and Design: Work on the signage and display installations in the 17 ACS cafe sites across campus is complete.
  • Print and Design: A project to dress the new Training Centre at the AMRC with frames, wall vinyl, posters and hanging displays is complete.
  • Space management: We're attending meetings for Firth Hall refurbishment and liaising with Department of Music re acoustics.

Communication and Collaboration Projects

  • Phase 1 (Access to services) is now live and we are working on a further release with enhanced functionality.
  • Work has started on prioritisation for Phase 2 (Targeted announcements) & Phase 3 - Personalised Home Page.
  • If you are thinking about moving your learning and teaching content from uSpace take a look at our Learning and Teaching transition information to see what your options are.
  • We have contacted people with active uSpace content so we can support their transition to other services. If you have not been contacted and think you should have been, complete the form on the projects page.
  • Functionality within uSpace has been restricted for 13/14. New spaces and groups can only be created upon request.

Other Developments

  • Unified Comms: Phase 1 of the pilot will commence shortly with a cohort of CiCS staff users.
  • Alumni Accounts: We're reviewing the Google proposed solutions for Google Apps Alumni Accounts
  • We've approached Janet to (re)procure our telephony services and (possibly) mobile services too. This could result in significant (30%+?) savings.

Corporate Information Projects

  • Development of the prototype system/process is continuing with input from the working group.
  • CiCS is about to start piloting the system changes. These are principally to allow departments to manage incidents by recording contact information in lists that describe something particular to their department. For CiCS, this will be driven by the services in the Service Catalogue. Following a period of testing a second (academic) department will pilot the changes.
  • Testing and refinement of recent enhancements is continuing.
  • ELTC have begun using the system - improved procedure in visa processing
  • Pilot being developed with Professional Services and 6 academic departments
  • The Student System Project is in its start up phase, the project team members have been identified, and the infrastructure and governance of the project is being put in place.

Other Developments

  • Next LMS project: We're chatting to HR about possibilities for a future learning management system.
  • eRecruitment: work on recruiter pages and improvements is ongoing
  • STEMS staff induction: A go-live date is bei9ng discussed.
  • Outreach Project: preliminary work has started, CiCS will work with epiGenesys on this.
  • Digital preservation policy: is being drafted

Help and Support Projects

Other Developments

  • End of XP: we are continuing to work with technical staff to manage this
  • Password reset system: we're proposing a projectlite to introduce a password reset system
  • Incident shadowing: we have introduced a programme to encourage staff to shadow the CiCS incident coordinator
  • Visiting other institutions: CiCS staff are visiting IT helpdesk staff at other institutions to share best practice

Infrastructure Projects

Other Developments

  • Filers: continuing to move to 64 bit aggregators
  • Oracle/Solaris blade chassis: running test services and learning more about this environment
  • Datacentres: we\re planning the UPS replacement
  • Wireless rollout: imminent installs due in Amy Johnson, Geography, Shearwood Road
  • Managed desktop: Multiboot functionality being trialled
  • Directories & Authentication: Gathering requirements & system capabilities in several key areas

Learning and Teaching Projects

  • Interim HEARs will be available, via the Digitary system, so that students can provide third parties (especially employers) with access to this document before graduation,
  • Exit HEARs will be produced for UG students on 2 year programmes in July 14
  • A HEAR website has been set up at www.sheffield.ac.uk/hear. This has been revamped into a staff-facing website; a second student-facing site has been created as part of SSiD’s web review project.

Other Developments

  • MOLE: Discussions are continuing with Blackboard about the best way to achieve a stable platform.
  • TEL: We're investigating 2 different models for support of technology enhanced learning and will produce a paper
  • Google Apps: We’re putting on a joint Google Apps in Education with Hallam on March 7th.
  • Inspire lectures: Planning for support for the 24 hour Inspire lectures on March 27th and 28th is beginning.

Research Projects

  • Iceberg: A general remote visualisation node has been made available to the Iceberg community
  • Research projects: A different approach is being developed to shared gpfs storage onto Iceberg to replace the thumpers.
  • Licenses: New versions of Ansys (v15) and Abaqus (6.13) are being made available.
  • Research Data Management: the Sheffield RDM Working group have discussed potential skills required on the CiCS side to support the technical aspects of RDM