Monday, 24 February 2014

Sheffield on iTunes U

In January, a joint project between CiCS and Corporate Affairs saw the launch of "Sheffield on iTunes U". iTunes U is a part of Apple's iTunes online store that enables Universities like ourselves to make educational materials available to the wider world for free.  In getting ourselves on this hugely successful platform, the University is able to raise the profile of its world class academics and the Institution more generally, as well as being able to share our commitment to creating knowledge and making a difference to the world around us. In essence, the project aims to take the fantastic diversity of excellence that is our University, and distribute in digital form. In doing so we are going to celebrate our world class learning and teaching, research, public engagement, support for the student experience, and the achievement of our students. 

The materials we are distributing are primarily audio-visual, and these can include recordings of timetabled lectures, special events,interviews with colleagues  instructional videos, screencasts, student generated materials and much more. You may even have existing material that you might want to distribute.

Sheffield on iTunes U is accessible from the following link

If you wish to find about how you can contribute to this exciting new development please email