Thursday, 27 March 2014

One Form to Rule them All

If you go to you'll see a collection of service request and fault reporting forms.

Following a process improvement exercise, all forms relating to learning and teaching services provided by CiCS will be rationalised into a single 'intelligent' form that offers appropriate fields and options depending on which request a user selects on the initial screen. This means that users can for example make a request to the MOLE team or make an equipment loan request, without needing to know how our department or website is structured. One form to rule them all.

The new form has yet to be signed off but if approved it will go live 14th April to coincide with the red phones change. We will notify users in the news blog this week and it will be included in our staff email news next week. We will also put a reminder in our April email news a week after the form has gone live.

Future workstreams may involve adding more departmental service requests to this form, possibly extending beyond learning and teaching services. At some stage we may also recreate the functionality of this form into a new form powered directly by supportworks but at this stage it's too early to say.