Thursday, 20 March 2014

Red (teaching space) phones go to helpdesk from 14 Apr

From 14th April all calls made from pool teaching spaces will go to the CiCS Helpdesk rather than the AV team. The user experience will remain largely unchanged, in that they use the red (or black) phones in a teaching space to seek advice or help using the in-room technology, and they speak to a member of CiCS staff who is able to give advice or send someone out. However, the quality of services received will improve since calls will be answered from 8am-6pm, while ensuring calls aren't missed due to AV staff being called out in the event of multiple simultaneous incidents.
In parallel, all our advice will be changed on posters, user guides, and on web pages to encourage people who are having problems with technology in teaching spaces to call the Helpdesk rather than call AV directly.

This simplifies the service for users by reducing the number of contact points, being able to refer problems to the correct team and ensuring a consistent level of service with all calls being logged in Supportworks and moves us one step closer to a more consolidated Helpdesk.