Tuesday, 20 May 2014

CiCS wins Gold in Green Impact Award

For the second year running we won Gold in the Green Impact awards, organised by the NUS. This not only demonstrates our own commitment to sustainability but the effect that we have on the entire University community through our support for IT across the campus and beyond. The My Sustainable Print project, the on-going work to make our data centres more sustainable and the work we are doing in Voice and Data were key factors in our success.

The ceremony took place in the Octagon and we were presented with the award by Paul White, Deputy VC. One new departure for the scheme has been Green Impact Student Homes, where students are encouraged to work with landlords to improve the energy efficiency of student houses, improving insulation, upgrading white goods and so on. We may have the impression that our students are all wallowing in centrally heated luxury these days but clearly this is not the case!

We were able to make use of a Green Impact Personal Assistant, Kaspar Raasman, a student in business studies, who conducted an Energy Audit and interviewed Team Leaders to help us a get a better understanding of the challenges we face when implementing green initiatives. This was very valuable work and one of the key things  he reported back was that we need to keep vigilant throughout the year and make sure the Green Impact’ message doesn’t get forgotten once fanfare is over. So the job doesn’t stop there - we will keep reminding if you of the need to be sustainable, hopefully without getting on your nerves too much!