Thursday, 12 June 2014

MOLE to be hosted by Blackboard

We are pleased to announce that we are moving to a brand new service delivery model for MOLE. 

Rather than being hosted on our own servers at the University, MOLE will be hosted by its suppliers, Blackboard, on their servers in Amsterdam.

All content will be migrated across by CiCS working closely with Blackboard, and staff and students will notice no difference in the user interface.

One key difference however, is that in our new service model, Blackboard will provide 24/7 maintenance for the running of MOLE. This means that if their monitoring equipment detects poor performance or unusually high utilisation at any time of the day, they will immediately take action. They'll be able to allocate additional resource and expert troubleshooters with faster access to developers as required, aiming to provide uninterrupted service in Sheffield. We expect that this will avoid a repeat of the MOLE performance problems we experienced at the start of this academic year.

With this new service delivery model we are hopeful that MOLE will meet the needs of our academic colleagues and their students. The Learning Technologies team in CiCS will now be able to focus their efforts on supporting MOLE and helping staff and students to use the features of MOLE to produce innovative and engaging online content to provide our students with the best learning experience possible.

In all service provision, we are committed to ensuring your information and data is safe. With this in mind we have carefully assessed Blackboard's security and privacy and we are satisfied that the risks are no different hosting with Blackboard than they were hosting here in Sheffield.  

We'll provide more details, including timescales, in our next update. 

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Training Courses in June, July and August

Want to update your skills or learn something new over the summer? Training courses on offer from CiCS  are as follows:


Tuesday 3rd              10.00 - 11.50           Google Calendar Training
                                  14.00 - 15.30           Getting Started with Google Blogger

Wednesday 4th         13.30 - 17.00           uReports

Thursday 5th             10.00 - 11.30           Getting Started with your iPad
                                  13.00 - 17.00           uReports

Friday 6th                  10.00 - 12.00           Layouts and Templates Course
                                  12.00 - 14.00           MOLE Training (Building Content plus a Quiz)
                                  14.30 - 16.00           Introduction to PebblePad

Monday 9th               10.00 - 11.50           Staff Induction

Tuesday 10th             10.00 - 11.50           Introduction to Google Mail

Wednesday 11th         09.30 - 12.00          PebblePad Training
                                   12.00 - 13.00           MOLE on your mobile.

Thursday 12th            10.00 - 12.00           Introduction to CMS
                                   13.00 - 15.20           Google Sites Training

Friday 13th                  09.00 - 17.00          Google Analytics

Monday 16th               13.30 - 16.30          uReports

Tuesday 17th              13.00 - 16.30           uReports

Wednesday 18th         10.00 - 12.00           Layouts and Templates Course
                                    12.00 - 13.00          Assessment and marking on a mobile device
                                    14.00 - 15.30          Getting Started with Google Blogger

Tuesday 24th               09.30 - 11.50          Introduction to Google Sites

Wednesday 25th          12.00 - 13.00          Researching on your mobile device

Thursday 26th             10.00 - 12.00           Introduction to CMS
                                    13.30 - 16.30           Introduction to Excel 2010


Tuesday 1st                  10.00 - 11.50          An Introduction to Google Calendar
                                     14.00 - 16.00          Marking with Turnitin for iPad     

Wednesday 2nd            10.00 - 12.00         An Introduction to Turnitin
                                      12.00 - 13.00         Mobile Learning Lunchtime Sessions

Friday 4th                     10.00 - 12.00          An Introduction to Turnitin

Tuesday 8th                  10.00 - 11.50          An Introduction to Google Mail

Wednesday 9th             10.00 12.00             Marking and Feedback with Turnitin

Thursday 10th               10.00 - 12.00          Introduction to CMS
                                      13.30 - 15.20          Introduction to Google Sites

Friday 11th                    10.00 - 12.00         Marking and Feedback with Turnitin

Monday 14th                 10.00 - 11.50         Staff Induction

Tuesday 15th                 10.00 - 12.00         Getting to grips with templates and layouts

Wednesday 16th            10.00 - 12.00         Turnitin Peermark

Thursday 24th                09.30 - 11.50         Introduction to Google Sites

Thursday 31st                10.00 - 11.50         Staff Induction


Friday 1st                       10.00 - 11.50          Staff Induction

Tuesday 5th                   10.00 - 11.50          An Introduction to Google Calendar

Tuesday 26th                  09.30 - 11.50         Introduction to Google Sites

To book a place log in to the LMS with your University Username and Password. Click on the Search button to locate the course you want. If the session is full place your name on the Interest List.

Mobile Learning Sessions

A series of lunchtime sessions looking at aspects of mobile learning have been organised by the Learning Technologies Team and CiCS staff. The sessions will be held over lunch between 12 and 1pm on Wednesdays.

All of these sessions have a learning, teaching or research focus and they have been designed to help you make the most of mobile devices for personal use both within and outside the classroom. From marking with your mobile device to creating interactive activities for students, you will discover tips, tricks and useful apps to help you save time and create an interactive learning environment.

You can bring your own device or use one which will be available at the session. Details of any apps to be installed will be sent out the week before the session.

Sign up to sessions and find out more via the Universities LMS:

Places are limited, so book now to ensure your place. Below are the list of sessions that will be running:

11th June: MOLE on your mobile.

18th June: Assessment and marking on a mobile device.

25th June: Researching on your mobile device.

2nd July: Learning out and about.

3rd September: The Collaborative Classroom.

10th September: Reading on your mobile device - a good idea?

17th September: Keeping a diary, journal or reflective log on a mobile device.

24th September: See Hear! Find out how you or your students can create audio-visual resources on your mobile devices.

These sessions are not aiming to teach a full set of skills, but they will give you a taste of what you could be doing with mobile devices. If you have any enquires please contact