Wednesday, 9 July 2014

MOLE Downtime 5pm Fri 18 July - 9am Wed 23 July

We are currently undertaking the first part of the annual summer work on MOLE. 

  • The rollover is progressing as planned and is due to be completed by the end of Friday 18th.
  • The agreed downtime for the annual upgrade is from 5pm on Friday 18th until 9am Wednesday 23rd July.   

We still intend the 18-23 July downtime to occur, however we are now working towards using this period of time to move MOLE from servers based here at Sheffield to a managed hosting environment provided by Blackboard (the developer of the system MOLE runs on) that is based in Amsterdam. This will mean that MOLE will be running on an environment that has a greater support resource which should bring greater stability and increased performance for everyone using MOLE.

When MOLE becomes available again there will be no difference at all in how MOLE looks and works. We have decided not to upgrade to the latest version at this moment in time due to some issues which are yet to be resolved. As soon as this has been fixed, we can then consider how to approach an upgrade to the latest version. We hope to be able to do this sometime before the start of the next academic year and will be discussing with FDLTs, the MOLE governance group and others the best time to do this.  We’ll be updating you with schedules as soon as they become available.