Wednesday, 30 July 2014

SSiD to moderate student myAnnounce emails

The Student Communications Team in SSiD will be taking over the moderation of student announce emails from the 1st August. The messages will be moderated by the team in line with a new student announce policy which has been designed to make the emails more relevant to students.

The new policy has been developed after research revealed that students feel they are sent too many ‘spam’ emails from the University and as a result they don’t read their messages, meaning that they sometimes miss vital information relating to their studies.

Messages sent through the system will need to be more targeted and relevant, while events and volunteering announcements will be published in a weekly digest.

However, this does mean that messages with a student and staff audience will need to be submitted twice and approved separately. This makes it likely that staff and students will receive the message at different timnes and possible that the message could be approved for one audience and declined for another.

Eventually Corporate Affairs will take over the moderation of staff announce emails, which will mean changes to the way emails are currently sent to announce. The present system allows you to send one email and specify who you want it to be sent to as moderation was carried out by Peter Armstrong for both staff and student announce emails.

In the future when you want to send a message it will be moderated by The Student Communication Team if it is for students and by Corporate Affairs if it is for staff. It is hoped that this will reduce the amount of emails staff and students receive as more targeted announcements are possible.