Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe software is used in teaching by several departments and licensing has been difficult for some time. CiCS is now providing licences for a proportion of computers in student rooms.

Adobe have made radical changes to their licensing terms by introducing the 'Creative Cloud' - a rental model based on an annual price per registered user. They have ended the 'concurrent' licences that were most useful to us. For a time it appeared that licensing their products for teaching would be almost impossible. After further changes it has now become possible again, but expensive. We will now be using the 'Creative Cloud' annual rental licence for per-machine use.

CiCS has purchased almost 500 of these licences and (subject to technical testing) will be deploying them to specific computer rooms in the four departments that use Adobe products in teaching, plus the computing pool room in the Arts Tower and some (not all) spaces in the Information Commons. Further licences will be bought next year for parts of the Diamond. The annual cost does not allow us to install Adobe products on all public Managed-Service computers. We will make it clear which rooms have the new Adobe software when it is installed. In the meantime we continue to use the older CS6 products on all student machines under the older licence terms.

The Creative Cloud licence covers all of the products that are commonly used - in fact some 15+ items. However, it is not practical to install everything - at least not as a single installation bundle - on every computer. CiCS will be working with the four teaching departments to decide on a subset of programs to be installed generally, with possibly a second set for optional use.

Apart from teaching and student access, departments may continue to purchase Adobe products in two ways:

• Individual CS6 items (eg Photoshop, Acrobat) or bundles (eg Production Suite) as per-machine licences. The CS6 versions are no longer being developed, so the cost is simply a single payment and there will be no updates.

• The new Creative Cloud licences, either on a per-person basis, for a single individual to use on any computer, or on a per-machine basis, locked to a single machine. These are annual licences, requiring renewal each year. They cover 15+ items and constant updates are provided. A collaboration tool helps design teams to interact.

All Adobe products are available to order via CiCS. However, with such a wide range of products and options we will not attempt to publish a price list. Please contact putting 'Adobe' in the email title, to enquire about prices etc.