Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Matlab site-licence

We are pleased to announce that the University now has a site-licence for Matlab software. This means it can be used freely in teaching and research across the campus, and on machines personally owned by staff and PhD students. (Taught students should still purchase the student personal edition). The licence covers Matlab, Simulink and the most popular 45 or so toolboxes. Other toolboxes can be added on request.

Details can be found on the CiCS software pages at

Details of the registration, download and activation process are available via the software download system - go to click 'Get software and licences', log in and click the Matlab request - you will receive details by email.

The site-licence represents a new relationship with Mathworks, who are keen to provide training, support and strategic advice on the use of their products. We need to ensure that all current and future use of Matlab is represented in our dialogue with the company. We are building a list of contacts including key users, teachers and supporters of Matlab in departments, research groups and technical services. If you would like to hear of the latest resources offered by Mathworks and have a say in what they do for us - especially if you represent a group of users - please add your name to the list by emailing  with the subject Subscribe matlab-users (The body of the message can be anything, including blank).