Monday, 10 November 2014

New retractable seating for the Drama Studio

The Drama Studio has continued with its refurbishment programme with new motorised retractable seating installed in September. 

The previous seating had worn incredibly well over the years as it had been in use since the middle of the 1980s, although the seats still have life in them as they have been donated to a company called Slung Low. Slung Low is a company that makes adventures for audiences outside of conventional theatre spaces. It is based in Leeds and its Artistic Director is Alan Lane, a Sheffield Alumnus. 

The new seating is in darker red velvet, slightly wider and a lot more comfortable. The retractable seating creates a multipurpose space with tiered seating so audiences can see the stage more clearly, comfort is improved and as the seats are completely retractable the stalls capacity can be maximised whatever the event. The company who installed the new seating are Hussey Seatway. Eighty matching chairs have also been purchased for the Auditorium. 

Refurbishments will continue over the next few months with new carpets being fitted and redecoration of the foyer and auditorium.