Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Reciprocal wireless access with STH

We have been working with colleagues in Sheffield Teaching Hospitals (STH) to deploy a reciprocal access arrangement with our wireless networks.

In short, they will advertise eduroam on their access points and we'll advertise STH-Green (their network) on ours.

Users with appropriate credentials should then be able to access wireless from each others locations in a seamless fashion.

Support for services is retained by users' host organisations, so University users should contact the CICS Helpdesk with eduroam issues wherever they may be, and vice-versa with STH staff.

Eduroam has been live on the STH network for a few weeks; we'll be making STH-Green live on Monday (01/12).

We are in the process of starting the install of University access points in the remaining areas of the FMDH that haven't yet got those and hopefully that will be completed in the new year.

In the meantime some University users on the periphery of the STH wireless network may experience intermittent access to eduroam. This should hopefully be resolved as and when our access points are installed.