Wednesday, 4 February 2015

eRecruitment Recruiter Changes

The CiCS SAP team working in conjunction with colleagues in HR recently delivered improvements to the eRecruitment system. We originally implemented the system back in 2009, and updated it in 2013 to add Safari and Google Chrome browser support for people applying for jobs, but the Recruiter side of the application was left as it was until SAP had re-written the web pages into newer technology, which matched myJob, myTeam and myPurchase.

When you log on to the system you'll discover that there are a number of improvements and benefits that have been realised with this upgrade to eRecruitment.

SAP has redesigned the search engine functionality that enables both job searches by people applying for jobs, and also retrieval of candidates when hiring. On the back of this work we’ve enabled text searching and customised it to include searching of the “About the Job” attachments which provide much richer information about the job than the summary included in the advert pages.

You can now carry out a job search specifically for part-time or full-time jobs by candidates.

Recruiters now have free-text search of requisitions and candidates to help locate details in the system; a unified “dashboard” to track requisitions and get an overview of applications against them; and new pages for processing applications that are received.

The system tracks the status of each application through the process from an application being received, through selection, short-listing to hiring/rejection. It provides a cleaner, clearer view of what activities have been applied to each application and whether email correspondence has been sent out.

The requisition form is logically grouped with fields only displayed as necessary depending on the nature of the requisition. e.g. Fixed-term contracts require extra details that aren’t applicable to open ended contracts. These were custom changes that greatly simplify the requisition and contract change forms.

Job adverts that are currently published can be extended on the same reference code rather than having to republish on a new code confusing applicants.

Panel Members functionality hasn't changed, but hiring managers can now multi-select candidates when applying assessments, and the candidate list now syncs automatically when assessments are applied instead of needing manual refresh.