Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Google Inbox is coming to work

Yesterday Google announced that Inbox, their shiny new email service will be coming to Google Apps.

Inbox is a new way of looking at email. With features like a snooze button, an email to do list and automatic bundling of similar messages, Inbox is focussed on getting things done. And last year when it was first released for consumer accounts, many of you said you'd like it for your work account. Following feedback from us and other apps users it is now on its way.

The roll out for Inbox for Work will be pretty slow. At the moment only a small group of Google Apps administrators can apply for the early adopter program. This is because Google want to work closely with early adopters and learn about what they need from Inbox.

This means most of us won't be able to use it just yet. But it is definitely coming. In the meantime if you want to try it out, you can request an invite for a personal account if you have one. Otherwise watch this space.

Learn more about Inbox